(Gawkwire.com) Ensim Corporation, the leading provider of change management, user provisioning and access control software, today announced the addition of SharePoint Manager to its Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition’s suite of integrated tools. Ensim Unify SharePoint Manager supports both SharePoint 2007 and the upcoming SharePoint 2010 release, providing enhanced provisioning, management and compliance capabilities for SharePoint Server 2010.

Managing the functionality of SharePoint while effectively meeting security and compliance requirements has become increasingly critical, particularly within large organizations. Ensim Unify SharePoint Manager ensures that when users are provisioned and managed, business and policy objectives are met on a secure, cost-effective basis. 

“Large enterprises are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, improve security, and meet compliance goals when it comes to SharePoint and other elements of their Unified Communications infrastructure,” said Jeff Teper, vice president, Office Business Platform at Microsoft. “With the addition of SharePoint Manager, Ensim continues to deliver management tools that ensure customers meet these goals.”

Key features of Ensim Unify SharePoint Manager include:
• Automated provisioning of SharePoint sites, including site collection and sub-sites – allows administrators to centralize administration of SharePoint and implement chargeback mechanisms as appropriate

• Permissions management – managing user permissions on various SharePoint sites enables users to meet compliance goals by providing a complete picture of who has access to each area 

• SharePoint group management-  allows employees to add themselves to SharePoint groups based on IT policy
• Real-time user and resource reporting

“Organizations are taking a more holistic approach to user provisioning and application management by aiming to meet security and compliance objectives without disrupting ongoing business processes,” said Scott Young, vice president of marketing and product management at Ensim. “At the same time, our customers expect management software to quickly connect to existing infrastructure, including existing identity management solutions, while eliminating out-of-compliance manual updates. Ensim Unify easily connects to existing ID management solutions and policy engines to ensure that security and compliance goals are met throughout the provisioning / de-provisioning and management processes.”

For more information on Ensim Unify SharePoint Manager, visit http://www.ensim.com/products/ensim_unify/unify_enterprise_edition/sharepoint_manager.html or call 1-877-MY-ENSIM or 1-408-496-3700 from outside North America.

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