(Gawkwire) – From developing the first software-based unified communications solution in 1992 to its latest innovation embedding communication and collaboration capability inside cloud-based applications, Esna Technologies (Esna) has spent the last 25 years pioneering solutions that connect people, process and information to get work done.

“From the very beginning we felt that if we could make communicating and collaborating easy and seamless, we could offer real value to the enterprise,” said Mohammad Nezarati, Esna’s CEO. “Our goal is to have communications software ‘disappear’ within the application you are working in so that collaboration becomes a natural and intuitive extension of how your work.”

Over the last 25 years, Esna has consistently proven its strategic worth to partners and customers alike, working with the leading telecommunications, software and social media brands and gaining more than 1MM end users.

Steve Alizadeh, CEO of Esna customer AutoPlanet Automotive Group commented, “With the help of Esna, our organization has taken cloud communications and collaboration to the next level. It has opened the floodgates of creativity in our organization, and has empowered our employees to contribute to the development of better processes. This ultimately leads to happier employees, more efficiency and productivity.”

Esna partner CDW adds, “Demand for mobile, social and cloud applications is increasing and Esna works with CDW to leverage existing communication infrastructure investments and integrate them with emerging, cloud based productivity suites. Happy 25th Esna!”

As they celebrate the milestone of 25 years of success, and move forward into their next 25, Esna will continue to deliver innovative new solutions that make it easier for people to collaborate and get their work done, faster.

In just the last year, the company has made significant inroads with enterprise apps like Salesforce, Jive and IBM SmartCloud. They have also launched collaboration APIs in an SDK, allowing developers everywhere to embed real time communication and collaboration functions into any web page or application.

There is much more to come for Esna—built on the foundation of 25 years of technology innovation.

About Esna 
Esna is a leading provider of embedded collaboration solutions. Esna’s solutions let people collaborate anytime, anywhere by putting real-time communications inside the productivity, CRM, ERP, social and cloud applications they use every day. For 25 years Esna has pioneered innovative solutions that connect people, process and information to get more work done faster. For more information, visit http://www.esna.com.

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