(Gawkwire.com) EZPZ Hosting announced today it has introduced the industry’s first module to truly automate business management for reseller hosting customers, by enabling resellers to automatically provision and manage all new sub-reseller accounts through a single application.

The new module, which was developed internally by EZPZ Hosting over the course of several months, provides an interface between WHMCS, a client management and billing system for hosting businesses, and WHMPHP, a master reseller hosting control panel. EZPZ Hosting already provides both the WHMCS software suite (a value of $15.95 per month) and WHMPHP (a value of $7 per month) to all resellers at no additional charge. With today’s announcement, it also provides the custom WHMCS WHMPHP module free of charge, giving resellers everything they need to start a hosting company.

Traditionally, reseller hosting customers had used WHMCS to manage their business, and had separately used WHMPHP to provision sub-reseller accounts. In effect, sub-reseller accounts allow reseller hosting providers to themselves sell reseller hosting to other customers. With EZPZ Hosting’s new module, sub-reseller accounts created through WHMPHP are automatically provisioned through WHMCS.

“Reseller hosting remains a strategic focus for our company and we see the growth of our resellers as vitally important to our long term success. By releasing this module, we become one of the first in the industry to add an additional level of automation to the reseller hosting business, ultimately saving our resellers time and money,” said Daniel Butcher, director of EZPZ Hosting. “Our entire team is committed in helping our resellers succeed, and we’re prepared to answer questions and troubleshoot problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

In 2008, EZPZ Hosting received the Planet Positive certification. As part of the process, EZPZ Hosting measured the carbon footprint of its business, made a commitment to reduce it on an annual basis, and offset it by 110% into verified carbon projects.

To learn more about EZPZ Hosting, visit http://www.ezpzhosting.co.uk.

To learn more about reseller hosting from EZPZ hosting, please visit http://ezpzhosting.co.uk/resellers.html.

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