Tulsa, Oklahoma (Gawkwire) May 29, 2012 – Hostek.com, a leading provider of Adobe ColdFusion hosting and Windows web hosting services, announced today that it will become one of the first major web hosts to offer ColdFusion 10 web hosting plans, effective immediately. Introducing ColdFusion 10 hosting shortly after its release is another example of Hostek.com’s commitment to being a leader in the ColdFusion hosting arena.

“Hostek.com is excited to announce the launch of ColdFusion 10 hosting,” says Brian Anderson, CEO at Hostek.com. “We have been providing ColdFusion web hosting since 2002 and recently offered developers a ColdFusion 10 Beta hosting experience. Like many developers, we have been anxiously awaiting the availability of ColdFusion 10 and have prioritized making the platform available to our customers right away.”

Adobe ColdFusion is a rapid application development platform that uses an easy-to-understand programming language called ColdFusion Markup Language, or CFML. ColdFusion web hosting services make it quicker and easier for developers to create dynamic, database-driven web applications that attract visitors and provide engaging content. Adobe continues to modify and improve ColdFusion regularly, with ColdFusion 10 representing the latest release of the popular platform. ColdFusion 10 offers a number of new features, such as HTML5 built-in support, security updates including improved encryption of data, and object-relational mapping for building applications that do not depend on database access. The new features of ColdFusion 10 give developers the tools required to create even more exciting and dynamic applications.

“Starting today, all new Windows platform based ColdFusion shared hosting and ColdFusion VPS hosting orders will be deployed with ColdFusion 10,” says Anderson. “As new applications become increasingly tailored to the great features of ColdFusion 10, our customers will be ready to use this software immediately. For developers, this represents the opportunity to continue using ColdFusion 10 hosting from our Beta service, or make the transition to this latest version for their next projects.”

With years of experience in ColdFusion web hosting plans, Hostek.com offers a range of ColdFusion hosting services on the Windows operating system, including shared ColdFusion hosting, ColdFusion VPS hosting, and ColdFusion dedicated servers. Each of these plans come with generous system resources, including cloud disk space for dependable availability, MS SQL and MySQL databases, and 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Some of Hostek.com’s ColdFusion 10 hosting plans feature unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and databases. Each of these plans is easy to use, thanks to Hostek.com’s customized Windows hosting control panel.

“If you are a ColdFusion developer, or you have a ColdFusion based site, and you do not currently host with Hostek.com, we want to earn your business,” says Anderson. “Hostek.com is committed to providing the highest quality ColdFusion hosting services in the industry, and we believe that ColdFusion 10 is a must-have for our customers. We will continue to be at the forefront of ColdFusion hosting as the platform develops and changes in the years to come.”

Hostek.com continues as a prominent ColdFusion hosting leader by staying current with the latest developments in ColdFusion web hosting and working to make the latest features available on all ColdFusion hosting plans. With Hostek.com’s rapid and efficient deployment of ColdFusion 10 web hosting plans, the hosting company is looking forward to helping existing and future customers with the latest cutting-edge web development technology and ColdFusion hosting.

Customers interested in learning more about ColdFusion 10 hosting services from Hostek.com are encouraged to visit hostek.com.

About Hostek.com

Hostek.com has been providing industry-leading web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals since 1998. With an SSAE16 (formerly SAS 70 Type II) Certified data center, cutting edge products, and a dedicated support team, Hostek.com provides hosting services to over 50,000 sites. Hostek.com’s services range from shared, reseller and VPS offerings for ColdFusion hosting, Windows/ASP.NET hosting, and Linux web hosting and domain registration. Recognizing that customer service is a number one priority, Hostek.com tailors hosting services to meet the specific needs of each individual client, ensuring that customers have the best overall hosting value available.

To learn more about Hostek.com, visit http://hostek.com/.

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