(Gawkwire) – Hostek.com, a specialist in Coldfusion hosting services, Linux hosting services, and Microsoft ASP.NET web hosting, announced today a new relationship with leading open source Coldfusion Markup Language (CFML) engine provider Railo. Hostek.com is the first web site hosting provider to attain Railo Hosting Partner certification, enabling the company to be among the first web hosts to benefit from the direct support of the Railo development team.

“We have always been determined to lead the way in Coldfusion hosting, and Railo web hosting is an exciting development in the industry,” says Jon Cavanaugh, Director of Business Development at Hostek.com. “At Hostek.com, we have seen how Railo offers speed and power beneath the surface to run applications and web sites, as well as the convenience it can offer to users who are looking to quickly develop their projects. Our new relationship with Railo allows us to provide our customers with a great Railo hosting service with help and support from the developers themselves.”

Coldfusion Markup Language, or CFML, is a simple scripting language that enables developers of all skill levels to get started in delivering dynamic websites and web applications that work with data in innovative new ways. Running CFML on a web server requires a reliable CFML engine – Railo is a fast and responsive CFML engine that has grown to become a popular solution for Coldfusion-powered hosting. Railo web hosting services help to streamline the scripting process, guaranteeing that users get the results they want. In addition, Railo’s popularity has led to the growth of a dependable Railo community that provides support from all over the Internet as well as plugins to extend Railo’s built-in functionality.

“Railo really is an astonishing CFML engine that offers some incredibly powerful features to help customers get their dynamic web application online,” says Cavanaugh. “But it doesn’t stop with the shared Railo web site services that we have recently launched. The Railo community is always working towards new plugins and additions to the engine and, as a certified Railo Hosting Partner, we will be able to offer new features and releases quickly. We are really at the forefront of Railo shared web hosting and are proud to now offer our customers the best Railo hosting in the business.”

Hostek.com’s new range of Windows Railo hosting services and Linux Railo hosting services are hosted on the company’s VMWare cloud, ensuring an unrivalled 99.99% uptime, even in the event of hardware failure. Designed with both novice and experienced users in mind, Hostek.com currently offers a Basic Railo Hosting service for those wanting to get started with Railo. Hostek.com’s Silver Railo hosting plan is available with a Linux or Windows operating system, and empowers developers to push the limits of what they can achieve using the power of CFML and Railo. These plans also include access to the Railo Web Administrator panel for full control over CFML and Railo settings. Distinctively, since Hostek.com is an official Railo Hosting Partner, these services are both matched with outstanding support and 24/7/365 assistance.

“We have always prided ourselves on the extensive support that we make available to all of our customers,” says Cavanaugh. “By becoming a Railo Hosting Partner, we can guarantee the quality of our support service on our Railo web hosting services. We have Railo certified administrators on our staff with extensive expertise in Railo, as well as direct contact with Railo. Railo makes Coldfusion development easier and more convenient than ever, but this new partnership means that we can also offer rapid response support if problems do occur.”

By becoming the first certified Railo Hosting Partner, Hostek.com is demonstrating its ongoing goal to build exciting new relationships within the hosting and web development industry. This unique partnership between two industry leaders has a direct impact on the quality of service that customers can expect and ultimately, enables Hostek.com to offer customers a distinctive, best-of-breed Railo web hosting solution. Customers interested in learning more about Hostek.com and their range of Railo hosting services are encouraged to visit hostek.com.

About Hostek.com

Hostek.com has been providing industry leading web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals since 1998. Hostek.com’s services include Railo hosting, ColdFusion hosting, Linux hosting, Windows reseller hosting, and ASP.NET web hosting as well as domain registration, web site management, and consultation. Recognizing that customer service is a number one priority, Hostek.com tailors hosting services to meet the specific needs of each individual client to ensure they have the best overall hosting value they can get anywhere.

To learn more about Hostek.com, visit http://hostek.com/.

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