(Gawkwire.com) Hosting.com has recently released a Cloud Security Executive Report which addresses the concerns associated with Cloud Security and how cloud hosting providers can work with clients to address their concerns and needs.

Hosting.com’s 2009 Cloud Computing Trends Report revealed that Security was the top obstacle that cloud providers needed to address. Over the past 12 months, security measures for cloud hosting users have improved dramatically due to advancements in network, microprocessor and virtualization technologies.
When properly managed and configured, cloud hosting can be as safe and secure as any in-house solution running on dedicated servers. The areas of greatest concern include data integrity, protection from theft, back-up/recovery and regulatory compliance – all of which can be addressed with cloud hosting managed services such as privileged user access, multiple layers of physical security, SAN (Storage Area Network) backup and storage, and private cloud solutions.

This technology briefing addresses the sources of confusion as they apply to IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) implementations and then outlines the practices and technologies available to keep clouds safe in the areas where they do have unique vulnerabilities.

Aaron Hollobaugh, Hosting.com Director of Marketing, commented, “We have built both our public and private cloud solutions on enterprise-class technologies because our clients demand the highest levels of security and regulatory controls and reporting. This report helps demystify some of the valid, yet erroneous myths associated with cloud computing and security. Our ability to provide Hybrid Hosting solutions across multiple, connected hosting platforms allows us to custom build solutions to meet the PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and GLB requirements that our clients need and regulators demand.”

Hosting.com leverages its five geographically-dispersed datacenter network and converged cloud infrastructure to provide customers enterprise-class managed security solutions. Hosting.com’s Cloud Portfolio utilizes world-leading manufacturers to produce solutions that guarantee no downtime, provide unparalleled security, use superior equipment and are backed with experienced technical support for maintenance, monitoring and service.

“Clients demanding high levels of application security or regulatory compliance utilize Hosting.com’s Cloud Dedicated solution (single tenant) to store sensitive applications and records and utilize Cloud Enterprise for additional compute resources for non-sensitive assets. Our migration expertise and integrated platforms allow clients to create hybrid hosting solutions to meet their specific business and security needs,” said Hollobaugh.

The report can be downloaded online at Cloud Security Executive Report.

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