LAS VEGAS, Nev., Hostivia (, a leader in Shared and Reseller Linux Web hosting, today launched a new ‘Green’ Initiative to minimize the company’s negative impact on the environment and offer Web Hosting customers an environmentally friendly alternative.

The new initiative is focused on improving energy usage in the datacenter. Namely, all future server deployments will utilize components from Intel, Supermicro, and Seagate that are designed to decrease power consumption without sacrificing performance. New server configurations will ultimately consume 30-40% less power than older systems.

“Going green is about more than just corporate responsibility, it’s also good business. As we researched ‘Green’ hardware configurations, we learned we can deliver more powerful and reliable hosting solutions while trimming off a huge portion of our energy usage,” said Rob Tyree, Hostivia CTO. “We reduce our negative impact on the environment, save costs, and meet an important ethical standard—this is a real win-win situation for our company and our community.”

With the always-on nature of Web servers, the overall reduction in energy usage will be significant and noteworthy. For the energy that is inevitably consumed, Hostivia purchases its electricity from Nevada Power, a national leader in renewable energy. Nevada Power utilizes vast arrays of solar panels to generate electricity. The state of Nevada ranks first nationally for solar watts generated per capita. Other renewable energy sources include geothermal, wind, and individual small scale projects.

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