(Gawkwire) – iland™, the global cloud infrastructure provider and VMware® Service Provider Partner of the Year Global and Americas, today announced strong year-on-year revenue growth for the first quarter of 2012. The company continues to see rapid global expansion of its IaaS business as more customers select iland for their cloud infrastructure needs. iland’s customers operate within a broad number of industries including healthcare, technology, business services, entertainment, software distribution, and financial. Q1 2012 surpassed all previous quarters in terms of revenue for iland and signified a significant uptick in the numbers of companies adopting a cloud strategy.

GreenPages Technology Solutions is an iland Channel Partner and VMware Premier Partner based in Maine, USA. It was GreenPages that introduced Sweden-based Piab to iland. Piab is a manufacturer of industrial vacuums for robotics and needed to migrate all of its physical server applications and infrastructure into a managed cloud environment to reduce management costs and improve business continuity. Piab selected iland Cloud Services to use in a production environment for a number of applications and will also implement iland Continuity Cloud, iland’s disaster recovery solution. CIO, Greg Anderson, cites iland’s implementation of cloud infrastructure best practices as a major factor in Piab’s choice of iland, “iland is driving innovation through their adoption of best practices for cloud infrastructure. iland provides Piab with a consistent and reliable platform on which to operate our business.”

Hoboken Consulting Group LLC (HCG) is based in New Jersey. Its software development group, HCG Studio, designs and develops custom mid-market middleware and virtual PC solutions for the cloud using VMware Fabric. “Now that HCG has partnered with iland to host our infrastructure, our engineers will have the time to focus on our clients’ BPM & architecture needs while opening new lines of integrated managed services to our clients. HCG will also see improved customer satisfaction & lower costs now that our clients will have a consistent and single platform for systems development, deployment, maintenance, & security. Moving our infrastructure to iland has made HCG more attractive to our clients while opening doors to new clients who will become more competitive in their markets. In conclusion, iland has redefined HCG and we are excited about our launch in June,” said Marlon Edwards, CEO and Principal Architect, Hoboken Consulting Group LLC.

Scott Sparvero, CEO of iland is delighted with the company’s Q1 results. “We are very happy to see increasing numbers of customers selecting iland for their cloud infrastructure needs. Time and time again we hear that iland’s pricing model, consistent implementation methodology and processes and highly focused customer service are the reasons so many customers select us. Many of them have been referred to us by existing customers. We look forward to continuing this momentum throughout 2012.”

About iland

iland Internet Solutions, VMware’s Service Provider Partner of the Year Global and Americas, provides hosted cloud infrastructure services in North America and Europe that enable customers to leverage enterprise class infrastructure in the form of virtual datacenters with flexible billing and capacity models. Solutions include secure hosted environments for virtual servers and desktops, test and development, cloud-based disaster recovery, and hybrid cloud services to maximize the value of existing VMware based environments. For more information, please visit http://www.iland.com.

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