(Gawkwire.com) – KeyMetric®, a pioneering phone call and conversion analytics company, announced KeyMetric adTrax™ – the industry’s only user-managed phone call and conversion analytics tool tailored for small and medium sized businesses, ad agencies and advertising publishers.

The release of KeyMetric adTrax makes standard call tracking obsolete, by delivering the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) call analytics tool that enables users to manage and administer their own phone numbers, campaigns, conversions and account details.

Integrating advanced phone call analytics with user search data, adTrax provides insight into the performance of online and offline advertising investments, including unlimited pay-per-click keywords and organic search terms and rankings. Accordingly, businesses can more than triple the amount of incoming leads and phone sales just by knowing which sources, keywords and content stimulate user interaction and engagements.

With adTrax, businesses track phone calls and offline sales activity with the same ease and accuracy as tracking click-throughs, while managing their phone call and conversion tracking with the click of a mouse. “KeyMetric adTrax does for the phone what Google Analytics did for web,” reveals KeyMetric CEO Michael Turta. “Now businesses and agencies have the power to manage their phone call and conversion analytics, in real-time, at a cost that makes sense. In addition, the depth of information made available to them to support more intelligent marketing decisions, cannot be found in any other solution on the market.”

KeyMetric adTrax works in partnership with Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo Search, and hundreds of other ad publishers, affiliate and content networks, social media sites, referring traffic sources and offline advertising campaigns. Businesses gain real-time insight into the performance of their entire advertising investment while ‘Closing the Loop™’ on lead-generation and sales activity, including the ability to log actual sale amounts, lead values, affiliate fees and other critical call-related data directly within the adTrax user interface.

KeyMetric adTrax scales to meet the needs of any business – from smaller local businesses to national brands, ad agencies and larger enterprise and Fortune 500 organizations. “7 out of every 10 online searches result in an offline phone call, and unless businesses are accurately tracking online-to-offline engagements they cannot make intelligent decisions to improve advertising effectiveness and ROI,” says Chief Sales Officer Toni Hume. “Marketers have been lobbying for a self-contained call analytics platform, and KeyMetric is the only company to deliver it.”

Businesses can sign up online at http://adtrax.keymetric.net and add, assign, pause, and delete telephone numbers, conversions and campaigns based on changing marketing activity and objectives. KeyMetric adTrax licensing starts at just $69 per month, with no setup fees or long-term contracts required.

About KeyMetric 
KeyMetric is the industry’s premier solution for measuring the overall effectiveness of search engine marketing and sales activity across online and offline direct-response channels, including telephone calls.

With KeyMetric, businesses accurately track responses and conversions, including telephone calls, across unique content sources, organic search terms, and pay-per-click search keywords — providing visibility into which campaigns and content are generating increased lead and revenue opportunities; and which are simply inflating the overall cost of advertising. Hundreds of small to medium sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and many of the top interactive agencies in the US and Canada depend on KeyMetric to help maintain competitive ROI and protect their advertising investments.

For more information call (866) 304-5714 or visit us online at http://www.keymetric.net.

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