(Gawkwire) – Mac Mini Colos (http://www.macminicolos.com), a hosting provider specializing in Mac Mini Servers, announces strong growth into the second quarter of 2013. Having realized a need for Mac Mini Colocation in the hosting marketplace, Mac Mini Colos has emerged to offer medium priced hosting solutions exclusively to Apple Mac Mini customers. Mac Mini Colos offers month-to-month billing, premium bandwidth and access to a top network of IP transit routes. Mac Mini Colos supports the Apple community exclusively and has over 8 years of experience in the Mac Mini hosting business.

“We wanted to offer month-to-month billing as part of our standard offerings because we want the customer to feel comfortable and not locked into a contract. Since we cater exclusively to the Mac crowd, we feel we are the most qualified team of professionals ready to address any concerns related to Mac Mini hosting. Our friendly and knowledgeable network of support has allowed us to expand rapidly in the last two months,” says a spokesperson for Mac Mini Colos.

“Some of our new customers have migrated from the Xserve platform to a Mini, but most are new to Mac Hosting. Every one of our new customer’s has thoroughly enjoyed working with us to get their new Mini online properly. When they valuate what they are getting per month, and what they are paying per month, they are more then satisfied. Moving forward into the second quarter of 2013, we will continue to grow and positively affect the marketplace,” adds the spokesperson.

About Mac Mini Colos:

Founded in 2012, Mac Mini Colos works exclusively with the Apple Mac Mini. Mac Mini Colos offers multiple fiber optic transit connections, all hosted by state-of-the-art facilities in Los Angeles, California. For more information, please visit www.MacMiniColos.com.

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