(Gawkwire) – MemeBridge, a leading web publish company, is offering a portion of its real-estate related domains for sale to the public.

The majority of these real-estate domains are "exact match domains." Exact match domains are exceptionally valuable because they receive a significant ranking bonus from the major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These bonuses lead to improved search engine rankings, which lead to more traffic, which leads to greater revenue.

As an example, the domain IncomeBasedApartments.org will be much easier to rank for the search phrase "income based apartments" than a domain called income-based-apartments.com.

The exact match domain bonus applies only to top level domains with the com, net, and org extensions. For example, the domain Section8HousesForRent.org will be much easier to rank for the search phrase "Section 8 Houses for Rent" than the domain Section8HousesForRent.biz.

This exact match bonus gives the owner of the domains an unfair advantage in the search engine rankings and makes these domains extremely valuable for receiving traffic from the major search engines. Investing in an exact match domain can pay for itself many times over by reducing the amounts that much be spent on search engine marketing.

These domains do not have set prices. Interested parties should contact MemeBridge with serious offers.

Corporate Summary

MemeBridge is a company with a mission: Spread Good Ideas. A meme is the smallest unit of thought and the job of MemeBridge is to build bridges which help good memes overcome obstacles. MemeBridge has extensive experience creating and managing web publications, including LiveDirtCheap.com and Tech-FAQ.com. MemeBridge web sites serve millions of visitors per month and provide information and guidance to people from all over the globe.

For more information on MemeBridge, please visit: http://www.memebridge.com/

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