(Gawkwire) – MKE Cloud, a new provider of cloud services has announced that it has commenced servicing regionally focused small to midsize businesses in the Greater Milwaukee, WI, area.

Built on the foundation of more than just providing SMBs with a regionally focused cloud services offering, MKE Cloud was also created to act as a resource for its clients when it comes to ensuring a smooth transition to a cloud computing platform. That being said, MKE Cloud also focuses on providing education and relevant resources to regionally focused SMB business owners on making the actual switch to the cloud platform.

MKE Cloud offers Cloud Computing solutions that offer SMB business owners the most advanced technology and cost-effective support plan necessary to manage and maintain their business. Providing services to businesses in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Waukesha, West Allis, New Berlin and Wauwatosa, MKE Cloud’s solutions and technologies allow business owners to focus on growing their revenues and client base, rather than the concerns and worries that often go along with the day-to-day technology and operations needs of a small business. With MKE Cloud handling the SMB end user’s technology needs, he or she, each day, knows that their data and technology needs are being protected and met, while having peace of mind that they can spend time on what matters most – the livelihood of the business.

MKE Cloud has been established at a time when the area of Cloud Computing technology is becoming more prevalent within the SMB market. According to CompTIA’s Cloud Computing: Pulling Back the Curtain survey conducted last year, “Nearly two‐thirds (64%) of end users plan to increase their investment in cloud computing solutions more than 5 percent in the coming year, while 72% plan to expand the type and number of cloud services they are consuming. In addition, more than half of channel organizations plan to boost their investment in cloud computing by 10% or more in the next 12 months.

Like its end user customer base, MKE Cloud is a regionally focused SMB; its clients are the product of its success. Therefore, the company offer services that are built on the basis of providing its regionally focused SMB customers with the power to share, edit, and publish documents in a unified system, improve communication and e-mail, increase marketing abilities, and enhance everyday business processes. MKE Cloud strives to maintain loyal, long-term relationships with the businesses that rely on us for greater efficiency, productivity and profitability via the following services:

  •     Design and construction of cloud computing solutions based around the client’s unique business needs and budget.
  •     Tailor-made support plans so that clients are never forced to sign long-term contracts or pay for technology they don’t want or need.
  •     MKE Cloud’s team of technical experts and consultants are hired to work as an extension of its clients’ businesses, ensuring employees are always in constant collaboration and agreement when it comes to everyday IT needs.

“With all of the buzz around the Internet and TV these days about ‘Cloud’ – it is so important for Business Owners and Executives to have a trusted place to look. That is exactly what the goal of MKE Cloud is – to serve as the local and regional spot for Cloud information,” said Chris Wiser, Founder and CEO, MKE Cloud.

MKE Cloud offers the following benefits to its clients once they are ready to partner with the company on the cloud transition:

  •     Comprehensive Technical Support: 24-7 availability, whenever clients call for troubleshooting and/or technical issues.
  •     Product Discounts: MKE Cloud’s partnerships with leading IT vendors translate to additional savings for MKE Cloud customers.
  •     Increased Efficiency : MKE Cloud’s technology experts are readily available on-site and also have the ability to offer remote support.
  •     Proactive Technology Support: Our technology experts are trained to be proactive to solve IT problems before they affect our clients’ businesses.

To learn more about how MKE Cloud can assist you, call (262) 798-0909. You can also visit our Web site at: http://www.MKECloud.com.

About MKE Cloud

Based in Waukesha WI, MKE Cloud (http://www.MKECLoud.com), was founded with a mission to help SMBs easily obtain a real return on their cloud computing investments. As a regionally focused small business owner, we are truly dedicated to providing technologically advanced cloud solutions, services and products to the Greater Milwaukee region, allowing our clients to surpass their competition and achieve the highest levels of success.

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