(Gawkwire.com) — Nuisoft Systems Inc. today announced the launch of Hostership, a new service for web hosting industry service providers and consumers. With the Hostership loyalty and rewards card, consumers receive rewards when they purchase products or services within the web hosting industry. It can be used with participating web hosting companies, software companies, and service companies, for example, server management companies.

Cards that reward customers wherever the card is used are common in many countries. The Hostership loyalty and rewards card fills the same role in the web hosting industry.

Hostership provides opportunities for web hosts and other industry service companies. By accepting the Hostership card, they encourage new business and demonstrate how much they appreciate customers who are Hostership members. In addition, Hostership applicants are manually anti-fraud vetted before being approved as members. This step provides participating merchants the security of knowing that Hostership members are not fraud risks.

Consumers also benefit from Hostership. They’re rewarded every time they purchase from Hostership partners by earning points that they can exchange for Hostership vouchers. These vouchers are redeemable for discounts with all Hostership partners.

"Hostership is a major step forward in strengthening the link between hosting suppliers and customers," explains Andre Allen, president and CTO of Nuisoft Systems Inc. "Customers are rewarded for being loyal to their hosts, and providers have an additional incentive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. It’s a true win/win that I believe will enable greater connections and result in better overall service."

Hostership partners include Server-Logix, InnoHosting, HostATree, DemoWolf, and ServerBoost.

The Hostership loyalty and rewards membership card launches today, November 24. Membership is free, and applications will be accepted starting today at http://hostership.com/register.php.

About Nuisoft Systems Inc.

Founded in 2009, Nuisoft Systems Inc. is based in Bolton, Ontario, Canada. They provide complete information technology services focused on the small to mid-sized market. Their key services include website and complex application hosting, infrastructure management, and application development services.

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