(Gawkwire) – Increasingly aware of the importance of privacy, website operators all over the world are flocking to Piwik, which affords them full control over their own data.

Key features of Piwik 2.0 launch:

  • Rebranding for Piwik.org a new beautiful default theme for Piwik: Morpheus design!
  • Launch of the Piwik Marketplace for Plugins and Themes!
  • Browse and install plugins and themes directly from within Piwik.
  • New completely redesigned Mobile app! Piwik Mobile 2 keeps users in the know about their web traffic allowing them to see their statistics from anywhere.
  • Over 171 tickets were fixed in the new version.
  • Piwik 2.0 has been translated by volunteers into 53 different languages.

“We have listened to the community feedback over the last few years. We feel that Piwik 2.0 is a huge milestone for us at Piwik.” says Matthieu Aubry, Piwik Founder. “It is something that we as a team are proud to offer to our users and we know that it can make a positive difference in many people’s lives and the way they run their websites”.

Piwik PRO services

Along with Piwik 2.0 we launched Piwik PRO, which offers professional analytics services for business, NGOs and governments. Piwik PRO offers cloud hosting, enterprise deployments and support plans as well as variety of services including developing custom integrations and features, white label, consulting & training.

"Piwik PRO is the answer to the demand of corporate, SME and government clients interested in deploying and customising Piwik analytics platform to meet their specific requirements. As for today we already deployed multiple custom analytics solutions for corporate clients in financial, media, IT and retail sectors. " says Maciej Zawadziński, CEO of Piwik PRO.

To learn more about Piwik, please visit http://piwik.org
To learn more about Piwik PRO, please visit http://piwik.pro

Online demo: http://demo.piwik.org
Features overview: http://piwik.org/what-is-piwik
Contact info: Maciej Zawadziński maciej(at)piwik(dot)pro

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