(Gawkwire.com) ReliableSite.Net LLC, a Web host serving individuals and small to medium sized businesses, announced today it will provide control panel integration with Microsoft’s Web Application Gallery, offering 1-click installation of a variety of free Web applications.

Through the integration, hosting users will be able to instantly install any applications from the Microsoft Web Application Gallery, without having to download or upload any files or configure the scripts. Users will be able to complete the entire process without leaving the ReliableSite control panel.

“As a Microsoft Windows hosting provider, it’s important we make available to our customers the wide variety of Web tools and technologies created by Microsoft. The Microsoft Web Application Gallery is an opportunity to save time and effort by utilizing a central repository of pre-configured, open source scripts,” said Radic Davydov, owner of ReliableSite.

In addition to Microsoft Web Application Gallery, ReliableSite also offers a multitude of pre-configured scripts that can be installed instantly. These scripts are also available at no additional charge in the ReliableSite control panel.

ReliableSite offers a wide-range of hosting solutions, including shared hosting, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting.

Available in Dual Core, Quad Core, and 8 Core hardware configurations, dedicated servers start at just $89 per month and can be loaded with a variety of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows Server and Linux. Dedicated servers also include remote boot functionality, 24 hour provisioning, and a 100% uptime SLA for network, power, and cooling.

To learn more about dedicated servers form ReliableSite, please visit http://www.reliablesite.net/v3/dedicated.asp.

To learn more about ReliableSite, please visit http://www.reliablesite.net.

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