LAS VEGAS, NV – ServerPoint (, a leading provider of Shared, Reseller, Colocated, Dedicated and VPS hosting solutions, today announced the addition of Integra Telecom as a backbone provider on its network.

In adding Integra Telecom, ServerPoint is able to deliver lower latency connections to subscribers of Comcast, as a result of peering points between the two providers. Integra Telecom also eliminates network hops for a variety of other ISPs in North America and abroad. ServerPoint will continue to add new providers in the coming months as it seeks additional redundancy and bandwidth capacity.

“In the last year alone we have seen the bandwidth needs of our clients grow almost exponentially, especially with the rapid proliferation of SaaS and streaming multimedia content. It has become more important than ever to boast a fully redundant network that can not only deliver faster speeds to more ISPs, but that can also absorb traffic spikes that have become ever more common,” said ServerPoint CTO Erik Johnson.

ServerPoint offers a variety of unmanaged and managed hosting services. Virtual Private Servers start at $27.99/monthly and hosted on servers utilizing 8 Intel Xeon cores, 32GBs of RAM, 8-drive RAID 10 arrays and redundant power supplies. Windows plans include 2-hour backups, Silverlight, Windows Media Server, IIS, Active Server Pages, and SQL Server Express. Dedicated servers and shared hosting are also available.

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