(www.gawkwire.com) – Simply Mail Solutions are excited to announce the arrival of a new service: KeyEncrypt. The service enables users to send secure mail that is fully encrypted, ensuring confidential information is kept safe without added layers of complex infrastructure. The service is based on Cirius patented technology, and is easily integrated with Office 365 and Outlook, amongst other platforms.

As well as a robust email encryption service, KeyEncrypt offers users the chance to recall emails, track email status (for example freezing replies, or viewing when someone has printed a message), send large files (up to 5GB), and includes a data loss prevention system.

Security of online communications has always been a concern for end-users, but recently there have been a number of high-profile online compromises that highlight the need for secure messaging or a recall service even more so. For example, the Ashley Madison executive emails, the Bank of England accidental send to the guardian, the Sony email hack, and the Thomson Holidays send error.

Colin Smith, CEO of Simply Mail Solutions, commented:

“Our users’ security has always been a priority for us. Secure communication isn’t exactly a new subject in the world of IT, but some high profile cases in the past couple of years have emphasised its importance, and thus risk management strategies are very much in the minds of CTOs across the country.

We wanted to offer one of the strongest email encryption systems available, but also simple and with extra benefits to the end users. Encryption has typically been hard to implement and even harder to use, but our service integrates well and has a friendly user interface.

KeyEncrypt’s message recall service, the email tracking, and the ability to send large files all make this service one-step ahead of others. Our customers are important to us, and we always seek to implement services that match their requirements as much as possible. These added features make it more than just a simple email encryption service, instead becoming a full solution for secure email messaging.”

The KeyEncrypt product is available for just £5.99 per month per user, with SMS’s UK based 24/7 support included for free.

About SMS

Simply Mail Solutions are trusted cloud service providers, with years of experience in cloud productivity applications, email hosting, web hosting, and managed servers. Holding the esteemed Microsoft Gold Partner status, hosting over 250,000,000 emails, and providing 24/7 support with an average waiting time under one minute, SMS are thousands of customers’ preferred suppliers.

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