(Gawkwire) – ComputeNext, a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Service Brokerage, is officially announcing a partnership withSwitch SUPERNAP, an independent technology solutions ecosystem provider based in Las Vegas, Nevada to bring to market a Switch SUPERNAP branded cloud marketplace colocated within the SUPERNAP ecosystem to offer premium choice and facilitate the comparison and provisioning of cloud services for the SME and cloud end user.

This marketplace will serve as an enablement platform for Switch’s Cloud Ubiquitous Business Exchange (C.U.B.E). It will offer customers a one stop shop to compare and provision on-demand cloud services. By leveraging the patented federated cloud platform from ComputeNext, the Switch SUPERNAP will enable an ecosystem for cloud end users to purchase and use services powered by Switch SUPERNAP providers.

The Switch SUPERNAP marketplace portal will guarantee cloud end users quality of service and the knowledge that their clouds are running in the best-designed technology solutions ecosystems in the world, thanks to over 218 patented and patent pending claims in data center technology and a long track record of superior performance. The ability to provision from a one stop shop will eliminate fear about getting locked into single cloud service providers, and increase deployment speed by abstracting the API layer between the multitude of cloud platforms, products, and services that ComputeNext currently supports.

Key Highlights:

1. Switch SUPERNAP to enable their Cloud Ubiquitous Business Exchange (C.U.B.E) with provisioning and transactions across IaaS and select other on-demand service providers by leveraging ComputeNext marketplace enablement technology.

2. Users of the Switch C.U.B.E will soon be able to access a select number of cloud providers from the marketplace and use on-demand infrastructure from providers such as Joyent and HP.

3. Switch SUPERNAP seeks to generate new revenue opportunities for its existing cloud providers, and enhance its already existing portfolio of services.

4. ComputeNext aggregates IaaS and other on-demand services and abstracts for the account management, programmable interface layer and procurement processes of cloud services to make it possible to purchase and provision such services from a single account and Unified API.

5. Switch SUPERNAP customers will be able to discover services through search, filters, or UI to compare price, region, uptime, and other performance factors such as provisioning consistency, speed, and machine reliability.


"Over the past several years, Switch SUPERNAP has created one of the most unique cloud ecosystems in the world. We are constantly evaluating technologies that will deliver independent and innovative solutions to the market. We feel very strongly that the next step in the evolution of this marketplace is a unified buying and selling platform." – Jason Mendenhall, EVP of Cloud at Switch SUPERNAP

"I believe data center innovations will be a driving force for increased efficiency and adoption of cloud computing. By combining the uptime, reliability, and consistency of the Switch SUPERNAP data center ecosystem and our marketplace technology we believe we can deliver an incredibly unique value proposition for anyone looking for cloud services." – Sundar Kannan, CEO at ComputeNext

About Switch SUPERNAP

Switch SUPERNAP is the world’s leader in data center ecosystem design, development and critical operations, providing unrivaled independent solutions for colocation, connectivity, cloud and content ecosystems. They represent innovation, security and reliability for more than 1,000 global clients, from sophisticated startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses.

Rob Roy, CEO and founder of Switch, is the technology inventor and designer of the SUPERNAPS. Rob Roy’s 218 patented and patent pending claims on data center systems, designs and related industry technologies, have changed the technology landscape. For more information about Switch SUPERNAP, please visithttp://www.supernap.com.

About ComputeNext

ComputeNext – most recently named a Gartner Cool Vendor (2013) in Cloud Service Brokerage and an UPSTART Cloud Awards winner for Best Cloud Broker Solution (2013) is a Bellevue, WA based cloud-technology company which is pioneering the way organizations search, discover, procure and provision cloud services. As a leader in building federated cloud ecosystems they enable end-to-end transactions across platform agnostic infrastructure. With the belief that a handful of IaaS providers cannot satisfy the world’s computing demands, ComputeNext has built their marketplace to deliver a transparent and transactional user experience for the search, discovery, and provisioning of cloud services. For more information please visit http://www.computenext.com.

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