(Gawkwire.com) The Planet, the global leader in IT hosting, today launched a new mobile iPhone application expressly designed to make it easy for customers to connect to the company’s Orbit customer portal. In its first iteration, the application enables customers to view and manage support tickets; monitor server ping status; reboot servers; power servers on and off; and initiate operating system (OS) reloads. Customers are also able to review bandwidth utilization graphs, and track recent invoice data.
Through its own surveys, The Planet learned that more than 55 percent of its customers use iPhone applications to conduct business. Another 30 percent indicated Blackberry and Android as a preference, and applications for both will be available later this year. 

“Our customers operate mission-critical applications and data, and they must be able to monitor their server environments, wherever they may be,” said Kyle Smith, director of Customer Portal Experience with The Planet. “With this new iPhone app, we’re enabling them to manage their boxes from any location with broadband or Wi-Fi access, whether it’s at the airport, while they’re at dinner or on the golf course. We have a portfolio of new portal capabilities and access methods planned for the coming months that will provide value and make it even easier for our customers to stay in touch with their servers and with us.”
For more information or to learn about the new mobile application, visit the Web site at http://www.theplanet.com/orbit-for-iphone. Existing customers who use iPhones can link directly to the application through the Orbit customer portal at https://iphone.orbit.theplanet.com.

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