Houston, Texas – (The Hosting News) The Planet’s Northstar Managed Hosting solution, has been selected by The Sant Corporation, to handle its mission-critical applications and management.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Sant provides software solutions that enable companies to increase their sales effectiveness through the production of persuasive proposals, RFP responses, presentations and related documents. Sant customers span a broad range of vertical markets and include high-profile businesses in the telecommunications, financial services, banking, logistics, hardware and real estate industries.
William A. Geers, Vice President of operations for Sant noted, ”We offer clients two options for licensing our software. They can either install our applications behind their firewall or select our popular hosted option, which we offer through The Planet’s data centers. Because many of our customers are in the financial services arena, SAS 70 compliance was also critical. When we announce a new product, long before it’s generally available, we are able to conduct extensive alpha and beta testing cycles.”

Steve Kahan, Vice President of marketing and product management for The Planet added, ”Reliability, scalability and security are key for organizations whose customers rely on hosted applications. The Planet Northstar dedicated account team evaluates business requirements upfront based on our Anticipation Advantage methodology. They have a full working knowledge of each company’s business goals and processes before implementation even begins. With the designated account team available around-the-clock, customers can be assured their IT infrastructure is well managed.”

Mr. Geers continued, ”The Planet is a big part of that process. Since we set up beta sites for each individual customer, we want to control those environments. We know we can count on the stability of the environment at The Planet, which is one more thing we don’t have to worry about. In fact, Planet Northstar has helped us improve our overall customer satisfaction, which is a priceless consideration in our business. The Planet Northstar account team takes a methodical approach to our business through its Anticipation Advantage Methodology and ensures that our systems are scalable. They clearly have a vested interest in our success.”
Mr. Geers concluded, ”Creating proposals and RFP responses is often a complex process, particularly in light of today’s competitive business environment. Our customers are in highly competitive industries, where the stakes are high. They come to Sant where we can help them clearly articulate their competitive differentiators with meaningful data that underscores they understand the industry and the requirements of the proposal.”
CIOs in particular appreciate that the entire Sant Suite is accessed through a secure Internet browser without any requirement for installing software. Content can be accessed only by assigned and authorized users, which protects confidential data.
Ultimately, The Planet endeavors to provide:

High levels of network capacity and speed to deliver peak performance

Instant scalability to handle even the largest spikes in network traffic

Parallel, redundant, multi-tiered network routing and switching architecture to assure reliability and stability

Multiple layer network security that prevents Delayed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks from harming businesses

Knowledgeable experts with a passion for excellence and a commitment to operate the best networks in the business

The Sant Corporation is a provider of software and expertise that improves sales effectiveness. Sant helps companies that provide value-based solutions win more business by accelerating the production of persuasive proposals, RFP responses, presentations and related documents. Businesses choose Sant to improve productivity, increase sales and deliver accurate, consistent sales documents for customers.
The Planet is a leading provider of On Demand IT Infrastructure solutions, hosting over 22,000 small and medium size businesses and 6.7 million web sites worldwide, using the best choice of servers, software tools and support, backed by enhanced facilities and network connectivity.

To learn more about The Sant Corporation, please visit: www.santcorp.com.

For more information about The Planet, please visit: www.theplanet.com.

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