(Gawkwire) – TrackBlue LLC announced today the release of its TB130 sensor-based beacons and supporting management software. TrackBlue beacons are local area wireless asset tags that broadcast a unique identifier using the Bluetooth channel (Bluetooth Smart). The broadcast distance can be up to a 200-foot radius depending upon the operating environment. TrackBlue beacons include other information in the broadcast including motion/orientation status, temperature, and customized sensor payloads.

Most new smart phones or tablets are Bluetooth Smart ready. These smart phones or tablets can detect a TrackBlue beacon without the traditional need to pair (e.g., pairing a headset and a mobile phone). In this manner, mobile applications can read hundreds of TrackBlue beacons at once. TrackBlue provides free iOS and Android applications available from the Apple App Store, or Google Play to connect its beacons to enterprise cloud services. Windows and Linux support will be available Q4 2014.

Teresa Sengstaken, President of TrackBlue: “The applications are both diverse and plentiful.” Here are just a few of the applications our partners are pursuing:

  • Take instant inventory and geo-mark items from up to 200 feet away.
  • Provide for chain of custody on reusable containers.
  • Obtain hands free control of manufacturing work in progress.
  • Assure refrigeration of perishables during transport.
  • Manage cattle from feedlots to open range grazing.
  • Control IT assets and their surrounding environment.

Ron Wagner, Chief Technology Officer for Andromeda Systems Inc. (http://www.androsysinc.com) states: “TrackBlue beacons simplify our systems integration solutions. For example, they allow us to view aircraft repair activity on the maintenance floor anytime and anywhere.” We know in real time where a job is, how long it takes at each step, and who worked on it. We can then implement flexible routing if anomalies arise. This reduces time in maintenance while providing full asset visibility at all management levels.”

Louis Thompson, President of LRNI (http://www.lrni.com) commented: “We have been deploying traditional active RFID for over a decade. TrackBlue is the most significant game changing technology that we have seen in recent years. The ability to rapidly deploy the technology with little or no infrastructure allows us to quickly address customer demands in an extremely cost effective manner.”

For further information, visit TrackBlue at http://www.trackblue.com or contact them at 888-498-6061 x102.

About TrackBlue LLC

TrackBlue specializes in the delivery of real-time data regarding asset location, asset movement, and the environmental conditions surrounding the assets. TrackBlue beacons utilize BlueTooth Smart technology, reporting directly to mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. The company provides free iOS and Android applications to connect its beacons to enterprise cloud services. For more information, visit http://www.trackblue.com.

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