(Gawkwire) – For merchants out there who process credit cards, Trust Guard has created a list of twenty-reasons to get PCI Scanning . The website security expert has created the list to educate merchants and make the decision and process of obtaining PCI Compliance easier.

“Oddly enough, a lot of merchants are hesitant about PCI Scanning, though it’s required in order to meet PCI Compliance Standards set by the credit card industry. We believe the hesitance comes from confusion about the service to begin with. We know there is a lot of jargon involved, so we’re trying to lay it out there to make it easy for merchants. There are a lot of great business people out there who are not necessarily technology savvy, and understanding data breech and website security holes can be difficult. We decided to just give a list of reasons why merchants need it without the confusion,” Said Dave Brandley, co-founder of Trust Guard.

Among the reasons to get PCI Scanning are to increase conversion rates and make more sales, to protect customers sensitive information, to protect websites from hackers, and to avoid PCI council fines.

According to Brandley, the most important reason to get PCI Scanning is safety and security.

“We are currently scanning for over 45,400 security holes, and the number goes up a few hundred every month,” said Brandley. “These security holes or vulnerabilities leave customers and merchants alike susceptible to data theft. Not to mention, fines for not being PCI Compliant are so high they can cause a small business to go bankrupt."

Then there is the question of revenue. Customers who use Trust Guard for PCI Scanning have noticed an increase in sales when displaying their Security Scanned seal’s or logos. “PCI Scanning seal increases customers trust which in turn increases sales,” Brandley said.

"Since adding our Trust-Guard verified logos, we have received many comments from new and past clients of the secure feeling it gives them in doing business with us. We have since become a Trust-Guard affiliate and have referred numerous clients to their website for the verified privacy policy, verified business and their PCI scan services. I would highly recommend them to anyone!” said Charles Mazzini, from Hyper Links Websites.

For more information on PCI Scanning and Compliance visit http://www.trust-guard.com

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