(Gawkwire.com) UNIFIED, an emerging specialist in legal technology and outsourced support services, today announced that it has become a Premium Hosting Partner for kCura’s Relativity, a web-based application servicing the analysis, review and production stages of the EDRM.
Recognising the increasing demand from law firms for an ‘outcome based’ approach to the outsourcing of legal support systems and processes, the team at UNIFIED identified Relativity from kCura as an industrial strength review platform.  The combination of UNIFIED’s robust project management and technical expertise and kCura’s proven technology ensures the delivery of an extremely powerful and effective capability for e-disclosure/discovery processing, review and production.
For UNIFIED’s clients, this mitigates the risk of outsourcing the e-discovery and disclosure process as they can access the highest quality of skills, technology and expertise from a single provider.
“In these challenging economic times we recognise that efficiency and financial sustainability are currently at the centre of the legal industry,” comments Paul Mankoo, CEO of UNIFIED. “In addition, the e-discovery/disclosure market is very noisy, and as such, law firms are faced with a myriad of options when assessing the most effective outsourcing model for their business; our mission at UNIFIED is to cut through that noise and focus on flexibility without sacrificing on quality.”
Noel Kilby, COO of UNIFIED continues, “When assessing the technology platforms available to UNIFIED, quality and scalability was critical.  kCura’s approach and proven technology stood out for us as it clearly drives efficiency into the fundamentals of review, search and production whilst maintaining adaptability.
“We work closely with our clients to provide a bespoke e-discovery/disclosure model that directly meets their needs, underpinned by an ethos of cost management.  Relativity’s flexibility helps us meet that objective with the option of extending our analytics capabilities as and when needed.”
“We are excited to welcome UNIFIED to the Relativity family,” said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura.  “I look forward to seeing how they bring their project management and technical expertise to Relativity to provide exceptional solutions for their clients.”

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