(Gawkwire) – Web HSP, an industry leader in high-tech hosting and custom website design solutions, announced today a line of cloud hosting services designed to deliver a next-generation hosting platform for small to medium sized businesses. The new services from Web HSP lead the industry in price, features, and reliability.

Web HSP’s multitude of hosting and eCommerce solutions offer several key benefits over traditional dedicated servers. Primarily, cloud hosting provides greater redundancy and reliability than a dedicated server, because computing resources are distributed across a wide array of hardware devices, rather than one physical machine. Additionally, since server resources are utilized more efficiently, Web HSP can deliver the service at a much lower cost than a comparable dedicated server solution.

“Our new cloud services utilizes virtual technology with a long track record of stability, security, and reliability. In fact, it powers more than half of the world’s public clouds on the web today. Not only can we deliver much greater computing capacity at a lower cost, but we can guarantee our customers a substantially greater level of control and scalability. Our prices and features beat every one of our major competitors, and we are positioned to remain a market leader in this emerging sector,” said Doug Davis, Web HSP president and CEO. “It’s time to move away from older generations of hosting technology, because the business case for those technologies has vanished.”

Unlike other providers who offer generic cloud hosting solutions without disclosing technical details, Web HSP is clear in its specifications. All cloud and hosting plans include specific CPU, RAM, and data storage resource allotments, with instant scalability available in the event of usage spikes. Data is protected by redundancy on multiple Storage Area Networks (SANs), and servers receive power from two completely independent electric grid sources. Customers are able to customize their solution, selecting from more than 30 different operating systems.

Cloud hosting with Web HSP starts at $69.00 per month for full management and a wide selection of features. To learn more about custom website development and cloud hosting solutions from Web HSP, please visit http://webhsp.com

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