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A Virtual Private Server (VPS), sometimes referred to as a virtual dedicated server, utilizes special technology that divides the capabilities of server hardware into numerous ‘virtual’ servers. Each VPS runs in its own secure environment which includes an operating system, mail server, Web server and application software. A VPS is ideal for businesses that operate websites, high traffic blogs, mail systems, and e-commerce storefronts.

Because of its affordability and similarity to dedicated server hardware, VPS hosting is growing in popularity with small and medium sized businesses, web designers, software developers, and IT professionals. As businesses learn more about the advantages of VPS hosting, the demand for VPS is expected to grow significantly.

Key benefits of Virtual Private Server Hosting include:

•        High Performance at a Fraction of the cost of a Dedicated Server
A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a partition or “container” located on a dedicated server. The dedicated server is divided into numerous virtual partitions which in turn distribute the cost and overhead between each virtual server. Because the cost of the physical server is shared between each VPS, business owners gain access to faster, higher-end servers that have tremendous performance capabilities. It would be cost prohibitive for most small business owners to acquire a dedicated server with comparable performance capabilities.

•        Low Total Cost of Ownership
Dollar for dollar, VPS hosting comes out on top when compared to either shared reseller hosting plans or dedicated servers. Dedicated server users typically pay more money to obtain the server performance and capacity that they could reasonably get from VPS hosting.  VPS hosting providers leverage economies of scale to provide best of class hardware and software solutions.

•        Dedicated IP address
It is beneficial for businesses to have their own dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address. With a dedicated IP address (included at no extra charge with most VPS plans), businesses can run their own Web, e-mail, and FTP servers. A dedicated IP address also improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking.

•        Windows and Linux Support
Some business owners prefer to leverage their Windows user interface experience and use Windows VPS administration tools. Other businesses leverage the variety of open source applications available in the Linux environment.

•        Scalability
Any small business anticipating growth should consider using a VPS. Many small businesses purchase multiple VPS plans as an affordable way to outsource their e-mail, Web, and corporate server infrastructure. If a business experiences significant growth, the data and applications that reside on their VPS can easily be moved to larger VPS servers. Besides hosting, Web, and mail applications, business owners use multiple VPSs to replicate their content in order to improve performance and reliability.

•        Security
When operating in a shared hosting environment, even with all the appropriate security measures, security breaches can and will occur. The level of security increases significantly for businesses that upgrade to VPS. Each VPS is isolated (the reason they’re called virtual “private” servers) which keeps all data, applications, and processes safe and secure in the protected virtual environment.

•        Reliability
Resource isolation ensures that a VPS user is not affected by other accounts on the same server. Because a VPS resides in a private, isolated environment, small business owners can rest assured that their server and their data will not be affected by other users’ runaway code or bandwidth surges. This benefit is an especially important consideration when evaluating deployment plans for a mission critical website or Web application.

Businesses can also easily backup both their data and applications. They can save the “state” of their VPS which includes a snapshot of operating system and software configurations. This snapshot can then be easily ported to another VPS.

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